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December, 2018: Christmas Greetings

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As December 25 approaches, we can remember in our past as political debates were heard in the news: the constitutionality of erecting nativity scenes on government property, legislative efforts to rename the holiday, and rulings that discourage teaching Jesus in the classroom. The national discussion ignores the spiritual to focus on the political. The fight over Christmas–instead of the meaning of Christmas–many times seizes the headlines. Talk shows discuss “civil liberties” rather than the need for a Savior. Although voting and taking a stand for religious freedom is our Christian duty, we must not allow the cultural/political battle to detract from our efforts to introduce people to Jesus–especially at Christmas. This Christmas, may the Holy Spirit help us to rise above the politics of the season and be messengers of Jesus. Let us tell everyone a Savior was born over 2,000 years ago, and although He was crucified, He rose again so anyone who believes in Him will have eternal life. (Hal Donaldson) A good word for us today. Faith Chapel congregants, help us issue invitations to these special Sundays in December so that people can hear the good news and accept Jesus by faith. Let’s be examples of His goodness. Spread the joy and cheer to all you meet. Hope has come because Jesus is among us.