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January, 2019

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It’s hard to believe that we are at the beginning of another year. No doubt we’ve all experienced different degrees and varieties of joys and sorrows this past year. As we prepare to enter 2019,I pray that we will give thanks for the blessings received in 2018, and learn from (and grow in) the trials that we went through. Julie and I and the leadership of Mentone Faith Chapel want to prayerfully wish you a blessed, prosperous and joyous Happy New Year! We’re going to start the new year with a sermon series on “The Blessed Life.” All of us want to be blessed; this teaching will remind us all of what the pathway is to receiving God’s abundant blessings. We are also going to start the new year of 2019 with a 21-day season of prayer and fasting. It will begin on Sunday, January 6th and conclude on Saturday, January 27. The Worship Service on Sunday, January 28 will be a special time of celebration, consecration, and anointing prayer as we break the fast together. Please ask the Lord to speak to your heart about how you should participate in this fast. How often will you fast? What will you abstain from? What will you pray about? These are questions we can seek the Lord about in the next few days, so that when Sunday Comes around we’ll be able to respond as He has directed our hearts. May the Lord give each of you strength, and sustain you, as you follow His leading into this wonderful season of corporate prayer and fasting. “”Fasting” is a spiritual practice that Christ believers can use to multiply the effectiveness of our prayers. In it’s purest form, fasting is abstaining food, and using the time that you would be eating to pray to God, instead. So perhaps some people will participate in season of prayer and fasting by giving up video games, or watching television, or participating in social media, etc.–and use that time, instead, to pray to God. Fasting teaches us to say “no” to the flesh, and “yes” to the Spirit of God. I pray that God will stir our hearts to draw closer to Him by using the effective spiritual tool of fasting and prayer. Pastor Keith