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July, 2017

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The welcome mat at Faith Chapel is always out. It begins with everyone learning what it is to become interested in reaching out to others and inviting them to come…to worship…to enjoy the presence of Jesus…and others. How many of us are proud enough and in love enough with our God and our church to invite people in? The welcome mat begins with the invitation. The invitation simply says, “Come and see! Come and see a Man who will love you with His extravagant love. Come and see all of His amazing kids. Come and see!” May I remind you of how all the disciples got to be together? One day one of them met Jesus, and Jesus said, “Follow Me.” Then one after the other, they gathered their friends and family and said words to this effect, “Come and see…come and see a Man who has….” Now that might make a good invitation card. Affectionately Yours, Leslie A. Brewer