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June, 2017

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Dear Friends, What exactly is this world hungry for? What do people long to experience, apart from health, happiness and enough money to keep everyone smiling? Fundamental needs are common across every country, culture and creed. Psychologists reveal that every human heart yearns for unconditional love, acceptance and a sense of forgiveness when our humanity lets us down. Here at Faith Chapel, Teaching Pastor Charlie Gregg is seeking to have us connect with those within this household in meaningful ways and to embrace people coming in with genuine love and acceptance. Fellowship literally means ‘sharing, unity, close association, participation and partnership.” Aren’t those words great, but it gets better! The Strong’s Bible Dictionary defines it this way–“It is the cementing together of God’s people and it is something that is only brought about by the Holy Spirit.” In other words, the full impact, the full dynamic, the full package of living a life where one can experience all the blessings and benefit of a sense of sharing, unity, close association, participation and partnership is only attainable and only available in an environment where the Holy Spirit is known. We are seeking to know Him in a more intimate way and thus respond to those around us with the true love of God. We are on an exciting journey. Be a part. Don’t lag behind. Move forward with us…here at Faith Chapel.