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March, 2018

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Dear Church, Last Sunday was the first Sunday that our new Lead Pastor, Keith and Julie Short, were with us in service. It was a beautiful morning of the transfer of leadership and we believe that God has a perfect plan which is now unfolding before us. Please make them welcome!
Our House resounded with praise and does so each time we meet together. Healthy Houses do resound with the literal sounds of Heaven. I am sure Heaven will exceed our wildest imaginations, but this side of eternity we have a responsibility to do our best to do God proud! As people come through our doors, they should encounter more than the sounds of Heaven but of connection and unity. Excitement rises in my heart every time I enter the church because something good is happening and I sense that I am about to become a part of it. That’s how we want visitors to feel. We have experienced the beautiful presence of our Living God during our times of pre-service worship and invite you to join with us. The times are changing by 5 minutes…from 9:35 AM to 9:30 AM and continuing on until 9:50 AM. Maybe you can make the extra 10 minutes before the worship service begins a time to shake hands and introduce yourselves to the people around you and especially the new ones. I believe God is very comfortable with the sounds of His children enjoying themselves. Let’s make these Sunday mornings times of celebration. Leslie A. Brewer