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May, 2017

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The Body of Christ–the term has been around for centuries and will evoke various responses. For some, it will raise fond memories; for others there will be no response at all; and for still others it may cause an undesirable feeling in the pit of their stomach. Why is this? Possibly because the term brings to mind an image of a company of people who call themselves believers and whose responses or behavior have the capacity to powerfully color another person’s perception. We need to be reminded that outside the Kingdom (and inside for that matter) people are judging Christ, as well as Faith Chapel on their behavior. Matthew 12:34, “Out of the fullness (the overflow, the super-abundance) of the heart the mouth speaks”. So, out of the health or disease of their corporate heart their various mouths give voice and according to what comes forth, it can equal a pleasant or unpleasant experience for those who encounter it. I desire to enhance God’s purpose in Faith Chapel. I desire to speak from my heart in a way that draws people to Christ and His amazing love. And…I desire to see my fellow brothers and sisters speak and act in such a way that people run to Jesus. It’s a big dream but as God is allowed to work in our individual hearts, He WILL draw people to Himself. Let the Church be the Church. Leslie A. Brewer