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Pastor’s Letter, March, 2019

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What a joy and privilege it is to be part of Mentone Faith Chapel! With over 37 million Christian churches worldwide, we’re obviously part of something bog, and yet at the same time, we’re our own special entity. Every Christian church worships the same God, follows the same Savior (Jesus), lives by the same Bible, and seeks to fulfill the same mission; and yet, we all do it in our own unique way. I have a vision, as I preached this past Sunday, that I pray resonated with the great people who make up Faith Chapel. Some of that vision includes the following: (1) Pray that we would always do the right things, for the right reasons, and leave the results to God. (2) Pray that we would take a team approach to developing specific plans and strategies together as to how we’re going to carry out what the Lord has given us to do. (3) Pray that prayer would be the power plant of the Church (4) Pray that we would develop an organized system of how altar calls and altar responses will work, and how that will lead to baptism and discipleship. (5) Pray that our purpose in life would be to bring glory to God. (6) Pray that the mission of the Church would be to be Christ’s representative in this world, and to move people onto and along the pathway of being fully devoted followers (disciples) of Jesus Christ. (7) Pray that we would move people closer to Jesus. (8) Pray that we would do all we can to see that other people get saved (and that we’re not just happy that we’re going to heaven, ourselves, without seeming to care about other’s eternal fate). (9)Pray that we would be Pentecostal, without being weird about it. (10) Pray that our Worship Services would be times of celebration where the presence of the Lord is welcome to dwell in our midst and accomplish His work. Pray that all things would be done with excellence, while at the same time depending wholly on the Lord for His anointing and work. Pastor Keith Short

Friends, these are just ten out of thirty-two that we are now considering and praying about. Join us…grow with us into the future of God’s design.