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Pastor’s Letter, October, 2019

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Let me ask you a question: What is Christianity all about? We know that the Bible contains the truths upon which the doctrines of Christianity emerge, but if you had to explain Christianity to someone–what would you say? Literally, being a Christian means being “a little Christ.” Early on, after Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection some people in Antioch looked at some of His followers and said, “They’re just like little Christs.” Again, early on in the history of Christianity some of the Christian leaders were called before the rulers to be reprimanded. The rulers were greatly disturbed that these followers of Jesus were proclaiming that Jesus had risen from the dead. As the rulers questioned the Christian leaders and observed their courage and inspired answers, realizing that they were unschooled, ordinary men, “they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” You see, when you spend time with Jesus, and hang out with Jesus, and follow Him–He starts to rub off on you, and fills your life with more and more of His presence, and you become more and more like Him!
Come and join with us over the next few Sundays as we take a look at the eleven important components of Christianity using the acronym to help us remember each trait: “B.I.G.R.A.M.S.F.A.N.S. Big Ram Fans! The “B” stands for BRINGER. As we get closer to Jesus, we should also desire to bring people with us and share the good news. The “I” stands for INSPIRE. Every Christian should inspire others to imitate them as they imitate Jesus Christ. Let’s dig into God’s Word together and see what we can draw from to enrich our lives. God bless you! Pastor Keith Short