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Pastor’s Letter

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Dear Friends, My dear husband and the pastor of Faith Chapel went to Heaven on Feb. 4th. He is missed by all who knew him and especially his family and church family. God has brought Faith Chapel a long way in this past decade and he is not finished with the plans he has for us: We press forward. Thank you for your help, love, encouragement and support during this transition. Pastor Charlie is the “Teaching Pastor” and is bringing us words of encouragement and wisdom in navigating through this time in the life of our church. With God’s help we will become people of deeper spiritual health. We are the Body of Christ in the community of Mentone and desire to lift His name higher so that all may come to Christ. The Body should reflect well on her Creator. The human body is only as effective as its collective health. One dislocated, inflamed or uncooperative limb can serious limit potential, and any athlete will tell you how frustrating it is to have their dreams dashed because of one damaged or difficult limb. In the same way, we as individual limbs and ligaments in the Body can enhance or limit God’s purposes across the earth. We know that the heart and soul of Faith Chapel is fashioned and determined by our leadership. We are responsible to have eyes to see What God wants us to see and ears to hear what he wants us to hear and communicate what is in his heart. Please find your place in the Body of Christ and move forward with us into a bright future filled with his promises. Leslie A. Brewer